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2013 IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing Applications

Melaka, Malaysia

October 08 – 10, 2013

Signal and Image Processing with SCILAB

Half-day hands-on tutorial

Thursday October 10, 2013 2pm - 5pm


Signal and Image Processing domain explores engineering issues related to specific algorithms that does filter design, fast transforms, adaptive filters, spectrum estimation and modeling, image processing & analysis, morphology, segmentation and other algorithms to be implemented in applications such as sonar, radar, speech, geophysics, computer-aided tomography, image restoration, machine learning, robotics vision and pattern recognition.

One of the more popular tools to explore Signal and Image Processing is MATLAB and its Signal & Image Processing Toolbox. MATLAB is widely used, especially in data analysis, simulation and modeling. In this tutorial we will introduce an alternative and powerful numerical computation software called Scilab. Scilab is the world's most popular numerical computation open source software and is used in the industry such as Arcelor Mittal, CNES (French Space Agency), Northrop Grunmann, HP, Intel, General Electric, Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Perstorp and LeCroy.

Through this hands-on workshop, participants will be provided with a platform to learn Scilab quickly and successfully. In addition, we will cover concepts and techniques for signal and image processing and the software principles used in their practical implementation, through case studies and exercises.

Who Should Attend:

Researchers, Lecturers and Scientists that are not familiar but yet interested in using Scilab for their teaching and R&D work. This hands-on workshop is designed mainly for Signal and Image Processing practitioners and / or MATLAB users who are interested to learn a powerful open source software that is similar to MATLAB.


  • SCILAB Jumpstart
  • SCILAB Environment
  • Operating SCILAB
  • Working with Arrays
  • Programming with SCILAB
  • Signal Processing with SCILAB
  • Polynomials in SCILAB
  • Signals in SCILAB
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Filtering in SCILAB
  •  Image Processing with SCILAB
  • Image representation in SCILAB
  • Converting from RGB to Gray and Binary image
  • Morphological Operation on Image
  • Convolution and Correlation --> Image filtering and Template matching